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Tourist apartments in Benicarló at the best Price


Las Cebras Apartments
Apartments in Benicarló, Castellón

The groundbreaking design of our apartments in Benicarló, its decoration and all its facilities will surprise you. Las Cebras en Benicarló was inaugurated in 2020 and from then on, every time you visit us and stay with us, it will be like discovering us for the first time. Our privileged location places us one minute from the best beach in Benicarló, Morrongo beach.

In addition to our apartments on the Paseo Marítimo, we have an impressive fully renovated house for tourist rental.

To rent independent rooms, contact us at the indicated phone number or by email.

All equipped with sheets, towel set, air conditioning / heating, bathroom and living room with TV.



Vending machines


Las Cebras Hostel en Benicarló, Castellón
Las Cebras Hostel en Benicarló, Castellón
Las Cebras Hostel en Benicarló, Castellón
Las Cebras Hostel en Benicarló, Castellón
Las Cebras Hostel en Benicarló, Castellón

It's not just coming, it's living it

We have exclusive experiences and services for you, with which to keep us in your heart.

It will not take more than a minute from your room to the best beach in Benicarló (Morrongo beach). You can also enjoy La Mar Xica beach, a beautiful wild stone beach just 10 minutes away on foot.

Spending your holidays in La Costa del Azahar is always a pleasure, and in Benicarló it is even better for its spectacular beaches such as Morrongo beach and Caracola beach. Get your accommodation in Benicarló.

Activities with Apartamentos las Cebras


You are the last Templars and you have been caught by the King’s soldiers. Their orders are to finish you off and they have locked you in a room in your own castle while they prepare to execute you. In just 60 minutes they will come back for you? Have you managed to escape?

This activity can be booked together with the apartaments bookings.

Las Cebras

Add it to your reservation, and enjoy a delicious breakfast.

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Las Cebras Hostel en Benicarló, Castellón